5 Reasons Why Sherlock is One of TV’s Best Shows

My boyfriend first introduced me to the BBC show and now I’m absolutely hooked! Just thinking about the fact that season 3 isn’t scheduled to premiere until January makes me feel like this:

So, within my ever growing list of reasons as to why I love Sherlock, I ultimately narrowed it down to 5.


Wow. This guy is an absolutely perfect Sherlock Holmes! From his snappy wit to to his refined sass, Benedict Cumberbatch has this “highly-functioning sociopath” down to a refined science! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he is VERY attractive. 🙂 Quite honestly, his version of Sherlock reminds me of the weird, yet lovable Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. (If you haven’t seen that — do it. You won’t regret it.)


I think the coolest part about this is that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are friends in real life and have worked together on other projects such as The Hobbit series. Viewers can definitely see a close bond between the friends and it makes the show all the better knowing that that aspect isn’t acting — they really do care about each other! (Plus it’s hilarious when people think they are a couple!)

So precious!


Like The Joker to our Dark Knight, Moriarty claims that Sherlock is just like him: intelligence, skills, and perhaps even an inner demon — making their character dynamic all the better. Plus, who else was shocked when Moriarty killed himself on the rooftop? (I’m pretty sure I screamed while watching it — no shame.) With his mind games and creepy “Get Sherlock” notes, Moriarty is one evil mastermind we love to hate and maybe even hate to love.


While the show is packed with action and fast, dramatic dialogue, let’s not forget the details that make this show stellar. From looking into the “Mind Palace” of Sherlock to the cinematography of the “dream sequence” of the crime scene in Season 2 (“A Scandal in Bohemia”), these roughly 90 minute episodes feel more like movies than a TV show, putting viewers right into the heart of the crimes and the world of Sherlock Holmes.


I was recently discussing this idea with a friend, and I said that, by placing Sherlock in the modern world, his mysteries are adapted to suit today’s technology, making the mysteries fresh and exciting. Besides, it takes a lot of creative genius to find a new way to tell a very old story. Who would have thought that the “Hounds of Baskerville” was actually H.O.U.N.D., a bioterrorism conspiracy group from Liberty, Indiana? That’s pretty damn creative. *Applause for the writers*

Well, there you have it — my 5 reasons why Sherlock rules. Do you agree? Comment below? Thanks for reading and subscribe for more news and updates! – C

P.S. – Shoutout to my home state of Indiana for being mentioned in Sherlock (I really just like it when Benedict Cumberbatch says my state’s name with that beautiful British accent of his :P)


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